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Resource management

Clarity PPM Resource management module is used for resources management and planning. The module includes resource or role utilization – both planned and real – tracking. The resource management is a key activitity for successful project delivery.

To deliver the new product on market as fast as possible, it is necessary to be able to quickly find right people to solve complicated problems. Resource constraints and limited availability of qualified professionals create a need to find a way to put together and manage your team as effectively as possible.

Clarity PPM provides support for whole process of resource management – from planning of activities like training, vacation or other non-project activities (maintenance, administration, ServiceDesk, …) to planning of resources for specific projects and project tasks.

Resource manager manages his own team – he decides on which project they will work and how much time they will spend on different activities. The last but not least input to resource management is tracking of spent time (actuals) and comparison with original resource plan, since it is the best way to continually improve your planning.

Clarity PPM Resource management module offers:

  • Searching for right resources
  • Capacity planning
  • Skill management
  • Time tracking

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