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Risk, problem and change management

Even the best project plans are often derailed by unexpected risks and unsolved problems. Clarity PPM gives your team members more control over project results by enabling them to systematically manage risks, solve problems and handle change requests.

V rámci nástroje se evidují, hodnotí a bodují jednotlivá rizika, což vašim manažerům umožňuje soustředit se hlavně na ty problémy, které mají nejvážnější dopady a nejvyšší pravděpodobnost výskytu.

User-defined thresholds allow the most important risks to be transferred to dashboards so that these risks are obvious at first sight and their consequences can be mitigated in time. Project managers can easily transfer risks to problems and turn them into requests for change while preserving history and relationships in mutual dependency.

By concentrating all relevant impact information in one place, project team members can understand the overall context, analyse trends, identify underlying causes of problems and significantly minimize overall project risk.

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