Basic characteristics

Reports and portlets

Clarity PPM solution is based on providing on-line data about projects. There are predefined overviews portlets and dashboards, which provide necessary data through the whole project/investment life cycle. There are also predefined reports which cover standard reporting requirements.

There are 55+ OTB reports which cover the whole project/investment lifecycle. It’s possible to export reports to multiple formats (xls, ppt, pdf, doc, csv, …). So in the end, after installation and basic setting, you’re able to start using PPM with presentable outputs out of the box.

Another type of outputs are Dashboards and Adhoc Views. Adhoc View is a simple tool for creating reports like tables or graphs. The tool is very user-friendly so even „non-technical“ users are able to create their custom reports. You can combine the outputs in Dashboards – user can define custom dashboard with different overviews and graphs, based on own preferences

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