Basic characteristics


We offer you „ready made“ solutions; for example several separate connectors and add-ins, which solve most of our customer’s problems in several areas. You just need to define format of data and a way in which it will be provided to CA Clarity PPM application.


Do you need to take resource’s vacations and other offtime into decision making during your project planning? Then we have such a solution for you. It’s a simple resource’s calendar based on information from HR or other resource management systém, where you plan resource’s vacations or other time when resources will be unavailable for you. Based on data provided, we will import all the important information to CA Clarity application to allow you to plan your project’s resources more precisely.

Attendance system

Do you want to know your work effectivity and attendances of your resources and do you already have an attendance system? If so, we can provide you with a possibility to compare your resources time reports against their attendance in the offices by simple attendance system integration.

Service Desk

Interface between CA Clarity PPM and Service Desk tools, where you report time spent on all end users requests – whether it’s internal or external work effort – is also one of major parts of DEVOPS employees daily routines. CA Clarity PPM is able to import all reported time and effectively analyze and present data in understandable dashboards. When you have resource data imported and analyzed, you can discuss splitting and delegating activities between all teams or team members.

Our integration is easy to implement and fully automatical. It pre-fills timesheet for each end user, who then only has to review data before submitting the timesheet.


Human resources represent a very important part of every company and are neccessary for future capacity and project planning. Capacity planning is one of the most important parts of CA Clarity PPM application. We can easily bring resources data into our solution and use them for planning.


Resources information

First and Last name

Contact information (email, phone, address)

Line manager information (Resource manager, Line manager)

Org. Unit information

Financial Information (availability, cost center, etc.)


Organisational breakdown structure

Unique org. Unit ID

Org. Unit name

Parent org. Unit ID


ERP – Financials

Regarding the effectiveness of work, it is also necessary to monitor the financial performance of individual investment activities within the organization. For this purpose, connection to the financial module is used to get data like costs or revenues of individual projects, which can be eventually projected within the entire portfolio.

We offer easy access to the data about both planned and real project costs. Data are then displayed in appropriate structure, which provides a perfect overview of costs over time, ensuring better project planning. This gives you a detailed and clear view of the performance of your investment and its future benefits.



Number of cases, where integration with tools for Agile project management was required, has recently risen sharply. Even though CA Clarity can be used to manage agile projects too, its main focus is a bit different – to govern all the investments in the organisation and create a platform for further work with projects and related decision making. Because of this, we’ve prepared a possibility to integrate CA Clarity PPM with Agile project management tools, which allows for using both of them at their full potential.



We provide several ways of how the CA Clarity PPM solution can be implemented into your organisation. We help our customers by discussing all their needs and finding out how to fulfill all the requirements and provide the most benefit to them.


We build solution on our customer’s hardware, while sizing is based on amount of users required by customer. We design the whole customer-specific architecture with sizing that perfectly suits all the needs.


We can also implement solution using vendor’s software as a service. Customer has no issues with hardware, installation, maintenance or any other resources necessary to use CA Clarity PPM solution.



With the start of implementation, we cooperate with the customer to prepare templates for various existing data, which are meant to be migrated into CA Clarity PPM solution. Source system, data format, number of records, necessary processing steps and every other migration parameter is thoroughly discussed to ensure smooth transition to a brand new solution. We guide our customer from the first step all the way until the data are fully accessible in the newly implemented system.



Do you need to find a software tool, which would help you govern enterprise architecture from the investment and lifecycle points of view? We prepared an add-in for CA Clarity PPM, which will allow you to do exactly that. It allows you to control system and application lifecycles and transparently see their dependencies across the company. For example, it can help you to estimate impact of application decomissioning and calculate consequential expenses.

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