CA Clarity ™ Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

CA Clarity ™ Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) provides data for decision-making process, which lowers cost and effort needed to manage, modernize and optimize the application portfolio.

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We provide consultation services mainly in fields of application audits, security, business processes, integration platforms, project and portfolio management and, last but not least, IT Governance.

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Integration platform

Integration platform presents a complex basis to realise reliable and secure interconnection of heterogenous systems, which allows them to work as one homogenous unit. Integration scenarios can then be based on common background.

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Especially with bigger and more complex networks, usage of monitoring systems to overwatch IT systems is a necessity. Higher demands for IT systems reliability mean higher demands for ability to monitor and control their functionality.

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Your organisation has to preserve the competitive advantage, be more productive while using less financial resources and employees and cut costs whenever possible. "Status quo" is not an option here. Whatever your field of industry is, you need to work more effectively and inovate quickly. CA Clarity Project and Portfolio management will help you not just struggle to survive, but actually prosper even during difficult times.

How can CA Clarity Project and Portfolio management tool help us?

CA Clarity PPM will help you to understand your investments and resources and optimize services and performance. This tool will allow you to create best strategies based on real data, align them with their realisation and ensure results which will make investors satisfied.

How long does it take to implement and commission the system?

Time plays a important role when decision about implementing such a tool is made. There are many opinions that setting up a project management tool is a matter of months. Well, it may be true for custom-made tools, but CA Clarity PPM brings ready-made international methodologies and rules for project and investment management. This allows future customers to start using full out-of-box functionality of the tool, including pre-defined portlets and reports, in less than 30 days after the decision.

How much does it actually cost?

Price is always based on implementation scope and required custom adjustments. The final price consists of system license price and implementation price. To our customers, we always recommend to implement the system out-of-box, start using it and plan further adjustments only after evaluation of their necessities and requirements. This approach ensures that there is no money spent uneffectively. There is also a possiblity to use whole system functionality without large initial costs, only for a monthly fee, provided by the E-Clarity solution, which may be suitable for some customers.

Is CA Clarity PPM also suitable for smaller companies?

Implementing of such a system has to be a strategic decision made by company management. It is affected by multiple factors, one of which is definitely the main profit-generating business of the company. In the end, number of projects or investments managed by the company is way more important parameter than the actual size of the company. Especially for smaller companies, the above mentioned E-Clarity solution may be a good way to go, since it largely reduces initial costs.

What guarantees we will get with this system?

As it is with the price of the tool itself, price of guarantees and support is divided into two parts. With the system license, you will automatically gain access to the international support of the CA company itself. In addition to that, our company, as a parther of CA, provides extra guarantees for system itself, its implementation, availability and custom adjustments, all provided through ServiceDesk and in maximum quality.

You don't know how to start implementing information system into your company?

While you do your best in your business, we do our best to provide our customers with all the needed information and explain major advantages brought by installation of our system. Maybe you have just a hunch that you're looking for such a solution, or maybe you're already decided and just in need of explanation of some specific facts; in any case, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you and explain everything you need, no strings attached.

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